The Tara skirt

My sister in law (Tara) has a wonderful eye for unique vintage designs and I wanted to expand my skill set to do pleats in an a-line skirt for her birthday.

The fabric is a vintage style cotton linen (made up of two layers of tacked fabric). It was incredibly hard to work with because it frays and it’s the first time I’ve worked with a stripe!

This is not a tutorial, more of a what to do and what not to do for next time.

Lesson 1: use fray stop.

Lesson 2: overlock ALL the edges.

Lesson 3: measure, measure, measure

The skirt is made by cutting two pieces of fabric at equal length and width is determined by waist size plus seam allowance. You can either stitch the pieces together to create a very long piece of fabric to pleat or you can do your pleats first on the individual pieces and then stitch them together. I found that much easier for getting the pleats even.

Pin your pleats and measure them as you go!

I measured all the way through the process but somehow managed to muck it up (adding 4 inches!!) I worked out where I went wrong by accidentally sewing on my seam allowance instead of behind it. This meant removing the band and reattaching it multiple times!

My first attempt was perfect but about 2 sizes too big 😂

After tearing it apart multiple times, I ended up compromising the quality (the band was no longer perfect or the zip and the pleats were made smaller on one side) overall I wasn’t impressed but it looked ok and Tara seemed very happy with it.

(I also ironed the pleats off a little at the front but that’s easily fixed with a re-iron!).

Next time I’ll try to be more careful with my seam allowance and a great tip is to not sew late at night when you’re sleep deprived from looking after a baby 😋


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