Transformers apron – More than meets the egg and return of the sewjo

So I’m slowly back. Meet my latest creation who is now 5 weeks:

I managed to edge a few flannel spew rags in between feeding, sleeping and generally being a Mum and that’s about it, nothing to blog about up until today that is.

My sister and her family adopted some chickens!

With chickens, comes eggs! And what better way to collect the eggs but with an egg collecting apron! My nephew was in need of a funky one and I just so happen to be a rad sewing Aunty.

I bought this awesome transformers (his favourite) fabric from Spotlight on sale for $2 a metre. It’s a canvas style fabric usually used for children’s curtains.

I cut out a basic apron and doubled it for extra strength. The stitches are quite wobbly, I think my foot has some issues!

I re-enforced each pocket so they are nice and sturdy:

I added some different coloured snaps to match the colours from the design of the fabric, these are for adjusting the neck strap:

Just to add a little personal touch, I attempted to stitch his name on the neck strap:

I’m very happy with it and I can’t wait to see his little face when he gets it 😁

Until next time,


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