Potter bottoms

Winter is here and I’m really really bloody pregnant so I haven’t been sewing. I made myself an amazingly comfortable pair of foxy pajama pants for hospital a few weeks ago but within a few days of wearing them, they had a hole in the bum! I was so disappointed but not as disappointed as I am now after trying to fix the hole. I ruined them and now they are in the spare scrap pile because they don’t fit anymore 🙄

In the meantime, my kiddo lives in and loves pajama shorts (even in winter). I mustered up some energy and made him a pair of simple shorts using amazing Harry Potter fabric from Spotlight.

Lame tutorial:

Step 1 Fold a pair of your favourite comfy shorts in half and trace the shape onto some baking paper:

Step 2 Cut out the pattern on a fold:

Make two!

Step 3 Overlock the top and bottom of both pieces:

Step 4 Put the two pieces together with the right sides facing inward. Sew or overlock the sides (but only the top, not all the way down!) This will create the front and back seams:

Step 5 Turn the seams you just sewed to the front (and back) and sew the crotch/legs in one go:

Step 6 Create a hem on the bottom of each leg by sewing the fabric inward from the outside:

Step 7 Fold the waist down and sew to create a casing for the elastic. Make sure it has enough room (is wide enough) for your elastic to fit through. Also be sure to leave a gap to insert and thread the elastic:

Step 8 Attach a safety pin to the end of your elastic and push it through the gap that you left. Thread it all the way around and back out the other end:

Step 9 Sew the elastic ends together carefully and then stitch it down (stitch in the ditch). Don’t forget to close your casing:


One happy kiddo!

This is probably it for me now unless I get a crazy burst of nesting energy!

Until next time,


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