Happy new year

What is the new year to you? Full of new beginnings? The start of a diet? Traveling? A list of goals? For me, it's for getting better at everything. My health took a turn this year. My heart hated me. My mind following behind was losing the plot but trying to keep it all together. … Continue reading Happy new year


The Tara skirt

My sister in law (Tara) has a wonderful eye for unique vintage designs and I wanted to expand my skill set to do pleats in an a-line skirt for her birthday. The fabric is a vintage style cotton linen (made up of two layers of tacked fabric). It was incredibly hard to work with because … Continue reading The Tara skirt

Transformers apron – More than meets the egg and return of the sewjo

So I'm slowly back. Meet my latest creation who is now 5 weeks: I managed to edge a few flannel spew rags in between feeding, sleeping and generally being a Mum and that's about it, nothing to blog about up until today that is. My sister and her family adopted some chickens! With chickens, comes … Continue reading Transformers apron – More than meets the egg and return of the sewjo

Mini Pini

As usual, when something actually works out, I'm a bit chuffed! I turned my dungaree pattern into a mini pinafore dress! (No tutorial on this one). The only difference is that instead of pant legs and snap clips, it has a gathered skirt to let those little chubby legs dangle free. 😍